Essence of Impurity

by Acéldama, Martyrdom Records

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released February 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Aceldama San Ramon, Costa Rica

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Track Name: Tortured
The pain will come soon
The earth is afraid
The days are turning dark
The fear reigns over their minds

Fire falls from the sky
The chaos is everywhere
The humanity will die
The payment is over there

Man's punishment is to be terrorized
The torture's flesh is to be destroyed
Suffering in agony without dying
Suffering in agony without crying

Now there is no way to escape
Now there is no way to hide
The putrid odor of the cadavers invades everywhere

The undertaker comes to make you pay
The price is your tears for not believing in what I said
Track Name: Dying Into Human Depravities
Pigs with elegant suits controlling the prices of lifes
Misery and pain is all that's the reward to the human beings
Your money and power, now is now turning into putrid stench
You ruined thousands of lives, but your business will come to an end

Why do you think these people can be sold?
You are not their owner, you are not their creator!

Every day the darkest terror, in front of their eyes
Taking away the innocence and all hope to live
Mouths are silent to preserve this perversion
It's time to change this reality and take the right path
Our God will expel all his fury over your life
The man reaps what he sows

Why do you think these people can be sold?
You are not their owner, you are not their creator!
Track Name: Deceit of Creation
The creation is living a falsehood
Curses and lies only will find

The empire of shadows, only one can end
Death and destruction invaded the creation
Dressed as serpent, deceived the mankind

The thought is infected
With garbage and rot
Minds deceived by Satan
With influences from darkness

The lord of darkness is defeated
With his demons, he will be thrown into the fire

In the Golgotha, he will meet his defeat
Damnation is finished
Defeat death

The lord of darkness is defeated
With his demons, he will be thrown into the fire
Track Name: Essence of Impurity
The eternal discourse, finding guilt in mankind's disgrace
All we have done is fill of pain this desolate earth
No one is guilty for our acts but ourselves
It's time to face the facts it's time to face the truth

Essence of impurity, inside the man's heart trying to get out
Essence of impurity, cowards behind masks of hypocrisy

Liars and idols, devouring our minds with dirty excuses
To commit their barbarities and enjoy our agony
Pigs feed on speeches, the pigs are never satisfied
They hide their faces and continue causing sorrow

There is a chance to change our ways
Search the truth search the path
Pain must be replaced by love
War must be replaced by peace
Track Name: Storm of Voices
Suicidal spirits dancing around me
Fear, darkness, desolation, cold
Anguish, deception, feeling mutilated
Inside my head my soul begs for salvation

Muddy road, memories of death
Storm of voices, failure

I run away from the faces thirsty for my blood
Fall on my knees, I remember some words
That breaks my strings
I feel your freedom

I see a light
The Breeze raises new hope
And gives me new peace
Track Name: Zombified Carcass
In this putrid state, my carcass turns into pus eruptions
Worms and rotten flesh, it's all that remains of me
Now I suffer, for all pain that I have caused
Left behind, all humans turn into this carcass,
I have no choice but to wait and see how I rot
While I'm a living dead and inside me, my soul screams

Why I´m carrying this sickness, is this my end?
I remember the times when I spat at the truth

Thinking I was in the correct way
But now I know that I'm paying for my arrogance
For the day I rejected the grace of God,
He's the only one who can fill this hole
And heal this zombified carcass

Why am I carrying this sickness, is this is my end?
I remember the time when I spat at the truth
Track Name: Enough Pain
In this age where consumerism is our priority
We have forgotten the charity to needy people
Harmony should prevail over this chaos
Hope should come back to mankind

The world sees children's starving as pieces of garbage
I suffer every time injustice commits it's plans
My heart bleeds for the tragedies that happen to my brothers
I must open my eyes and fight this war with actions

Living as a plague, we're misunderstanding our purpose in this world
This path of evil is carving our own graves and we are ignoring it
Every day we smell death accompanied with grief
The air is contaminated with our deepest hate

Enough pain, will empathy touch our hearts?
Enough pain, will we care for the unprotected people?
Enough pain, empathy will touch our hearts?
Enough pain, will we repair all this damage?